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by Administrator on 14 September, 2020 No Competitive films 495 Views

Author: Curro Collantes De Terán Arroyal Nacho Terceño
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Time: 05:57
Country: Spain

“On the dirt road that runs parallel to the unclean ditch, not far from town, sitting in a blunt pedrusco, a blackened boy of no more than 12 years looking like old creature holds a gasoline-soaked cat, a small cat of no more than one couple of months, a baby that snorts weakly, tries to dodged, has no possibility."
Thus begins the original story of the writer, poet and playwright Fernando Mansilla (1965-2019) contained in the book Relatos faunescos (Ed. Barrett, 2018). And the untouchable story goes on like a freight train, unstoppable too. The author's own voice fills the sound space while the images tell us the same story, and others. All. All the stories lived whenever there is an intergenerational relationship between men. Power. Stories. Fear. Threat. Lies. And reasons, always reasons to justify the most terrible actions.

Article source: http://filmacademy.ge/en/Diogenes-2020/No-Competitive-films/123-SWEETY-KITTY.html