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Terms of participation

Films to participate in the festival are accepted through May 15, 2020.

The best films will be selected by a competent jury. The audience sympathy prize will also be established.

The participating authors will be divided according to the relevant age groups:

Group I 8-11 years.

Group II 12-14 years.

Group III 15-18 years.

Group IV 19 and above.

The winners will also be revealed in the respective groups.

Movies should be filmed with any digital video device.

Prizes will be awarded according to the following genres: feature, documentary, musical, video art, animation, experimental.

The winners will be awarded diplomas and various prizes.


1. The duration of the film should be from 0.30 seconds up to -10.00 minutes.

2. The presented films should be accompanied by information about the creator(s): (First name, Last name, contact info and 2 stills from the competing film).

3. The topic is free (no violence, no terrorism, no separatism, no religious and ethnic intolerance).

4. One author is permitted to present no more than two films.

5. All genres are acceptable, except boring.

6. The image should be visible, and the voice should be audible.

7. The film must be shot in 2020 and should not be previously published on the internet or broadcasted on TV .

8. Films should have English subtitles.

Information about the authors and the link to the film must be sent by an e-mail: shmmh2020@gmail.com

For more information please contact us on the official Facebook page "Stay Home and Make a Movie at Home" or contact us by phone : +995 595 5594 99 (in Georgian), +995 551 23 09 62 (in English)

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